Elena She-Livinskaya

Сlairvoyant Parapsychologist Feng Shui Master

To register for a consultation in Moscow call:

+7(965)331-77-33 +7(903)725-97-83

INDIVIDUAL CONSULTATION (starting from 1 hour)

  2. Сеанс предсказания


  • viewing of vital situations (past, present, future) through
    clairvoyance, coffee and Tarot cards);
  • Identification of the causes of problems (if the person has any).
  2. Елена Ше-Ливинская

  • To fulfill a wish (in any area of life);
  • Harmonization of personal relationships (family, relatives, love relationships, etc.);
  • Marriage protection;
  • Harmonize relations with business partners;
  • Attracting powerful sponsors and friends in business and personal life. Career growth;
  • Attracting large financial flows, enrichment
  • Help in successful signing of contracts. Success in commercial transactions;
  • Assistance in resolving domestic issues, as well as in successful transactions of purchase and sale;
  • Resolving difficulties in life (judicial, criminal cases, etc.);
  • Neutralization of the actions of competitors, enemies, rivals;
  • Neutralization of negative programs hindering the creation of a happy marriage;
  • Exiting a circle of failures;
  • Purification of people from negative energies (evil eye, spoilage, curse, etc.);
  • Cleaning of premises and property from negative energy (apartments, houses, offices, restaurants, yachts, etc.);
  • Installation of a strong energy protection of people from negative impacts;
  • Installation of strong power protection of premises and property;
  • Manufacturing of individual amulets (protective, for marriage, for success in business and attracting money, for success in love, for attracting men or women, etc.);
  • Help in getting rid of physical problems in the sexual sphere;
  • Help in getting rid of various ailments(please specify over the phone);
  • Delivering children and adults from various types of phobias, depressions, fright, sleep disorders.
  2.  Елена Ше-Ливинская
    1. KABBALA.
    • SELECTING A SUCCESSFUL NAME for a child and for an adult;
    1. FEN SHUI ADVISING AND RECOMMENDATIONS (apartments, houses, offices, business premises).
    2. Феншуй

  3. Help in choosing the best place for construction, the correct layout of the plot, the arrangement of houses, apartments, etc.).

  4. Children under 10 years old are consulted for a purely nominal fee “whenever possible.”

    The decision on performing a ritual is made during individual consultation, as described above. After viewing the situation in an individual clairvoyance session and a prediction, Elena Nikolaevna personally makes a decision if any of the rituals would be appropriate. pentaklipentakla